Q.)  Is it possible to intermix the 2400W power supply (499243-B21) with the 2250W power supply (412138-B21)?  My initial feeling is the power supplies are not compatible in regards to intermixing but I need some more information regarding why.



A.)  Intermixing the 2400W and 2250W power supplies for the c7000 enclosure is not supported.  The Onboard Administrator and Insight Display will alert users of the incompatibility.  Intermixing types would have introduced complexity in power supply population, Dynamic Power Savings Mode algorithms, and redundancy rules.  At a technical level ? the two power supplies have different full-scale power output.  All c-Class power supplies share the load based on percent of full scale output.  A mix of supplies will not only create unequal load sharing on the lower power output supplies (not good long term), but the OA report of enclosure Present Power and Power Capacity will be inaccurate until all the power supplies have been replaced with the same power output capability.  Those are among the reasons that the BladeSystem Onboard Administrator will report a Degraded status for the enclosure Power Subsystem until the power supplies are all the same power output capability.  Rather than complicate and possibly compromise the power subsystem, mixing of types is not supported.


With that being said, if customers wanted to upgrade their chassis without scheduling down-time for the servers, one power supply at a time can be exchanged until all 6 are of the same type.