The HP Lights-Out Console (HPLOCONS) provides the full iLO 3 Integrated Remote Console (IRC) experience directly from your Windows desktop without going through the iLO web-based user interface.  With the HP Lights-Out Console (sometimes called the Stand-Alone Remote Console) you can access your server’s remote console with one click of the mouse.  HPLOCONS has the same functionality as the IRC application that is launched directly from an iLO 3’s web server.
HPLOCONS is mainly for client operating systems like, windows 7, windows Vista and windows XP

In addition to keyboard, video and mouse (KVM) support, IRC allows for control of the server’s power switch and virtual media. Other features include the ability to share consoles and record and view KVM sessions.

Launching from the Command Line:
During start-up, HP Lights-Out Console (HPLOCONS) will pop up a dialog box asking for login information. The dialog box will be bypassed if the login information is provided on the command line as follows:

HPLOCONS -addr address[:https_port] -name login_name -password password

address    dns name or IP address
https_port    SSL port. Default is 443.
login_name    login name
password    Password

HP Lights-Out Console (HPLOCONS) is useful for administrators who manage multiple servers. They can enter the ilo IP address and login credentials, and will get the same ilo Integrated remote console options.

You can download HP Lights-Out Stand Alone Remote Console for Windows from