On February 13th, 2012, HP introduced enhancements to its LeftHand and EVA Storage Systems to increase application performance while reducing power consumption and footprint. Already available for HP 3PAR Utility Storage, LeftHand and EVA now support Solid State Drive (SSD) technology.
These new systems eliminate the performance bottlenecks created when storage capacity lacks the IOPS to keep up with high-performing servers. Boost application performance while reducing the amount of energy and space required to serve applications!

HP LeftHand P4900 SSD Storage Systems: eliminate the bottlenecks found in other SSD solutions with a unique scale-out design that provides a linear increase in IOPs each time a node is added to the system.

• Start small and grow to hundreds of SSDs with non-disruptive mobility of application volumes—optimizing storage spending not only by capacity, but also by performance.

• Achieve 10x the IOPS at 1/10th the latency compared to Serial Attached SCSI (SAS) drives while consuming less than 1/10th the power.

• Gain clear, real-time visibility into individual SSD life expectancy with SMARTSSD Wear Gauge™ to prevent unexpected drive expiration.

• Reduce storage energy and footprint requirements to meet the needs of space- and power-constrained

• Choose HP Proactive Select Service for proactive issue handling and performance optimization in
mission-critical environments.

More information available at: www.hp.com/go/P4000

HP EVA P6000: boost application performance with new SSD support and Vmware VAAI integration. With over 100,000 systems deployed worldwide, EVA’s established leadership in ease-of-use is now turbo-charged with features to increase IOPs and offload critical VMware ESX tasks.

• SSDs reduce power consumption by 35% as compared to the use of standard hard disk drives (HDDs).

• Performs betterwith fewer drives than systems configured with only HDDs.

• Supports dynamic online LUN migration to move “hot” volumes onto SSDs without application disruption.

• Vmware VAAI support for vSphere 5.0 and 4.1 enables offloading of intensive processing tasks to storage to improve VM density and performance.

More information available at: www.hp.com/go/P6000