HP P4000 LeftHand SAN Solutions with VMware vSphere Best Practices

This white paper provides detailed information on how to integrate VMware vSphere 5.0 with HP P4000 LeftHand SAN Solutions. VMware vSphere is an industry leading virtualization platform and software cloud infrastructure enabling critical business applications to run with assurance and agility by virtualizing server resources. Complementing this technology, the HP P4000 LeftHand SANs address the storage demands and cost pressures associated with server virtualization, data growth, and business continuity.

P4000 SANs scale capacity and performance linearly without incurring downtime, enabling it to meet the requirements of small pay-as-you-grow customers to the mission-critical applications of an enterprise. This document presents configuration guidelines, best practices and answers to frequently asked questions that will help you accelerate a successful deployment of VMware vSphere 5.0 on HP P4000 SAN Solutions.


3PAR Utility Storage with VMware vSphere

This paper discusses the benefits of deploying VMware vSphere with HP 3PAR Utility Storage including: greater virtual machine (VM) density, simplifying administration, and realizing significant cost savings in virtualized server
environments. The paper also includes best practices for an integrated VMware vSphere and HP 3PAR Utility Storage solution.

– Performance and reliability features
– Queue depth throttling
– Metadata locking with SCSI reservations
– vSphere Storage APIs – Array Integration (VAAI)
– Storage I/O Controls
– vSphere Storage APIs – Storage Awareness (VASA)
– VMFS versus RDM