HP released a new white paper with a great overview of all their power and cooling technologies that they support and use in their products… It is great stuff to read and good to make a comparison with the competition… 😉



In this technology brief, we describe a broad range of HP products and technologies that raise energy efficiency, maximize use of the power capacity, and simplify management of your data center’s power and cooling infrastructure.
We begin in the ―IT processing‖ section by describing the technologies and tools that help you measure, monitor, and control the power usage of HP ProLiant servers to get the maximum performance
per watt. Then we go outside the server in ―Power Distribution‖to describe HP products and technologies that improve data center power distribution efficiency, monitoring, and provisioning.

High-density heat loads and unforeseen airflow anomalies in data centers can disrupt some of the best power and cooling strategies. In ―Cooling‖we describe HP products that improve cooling efficiency and eliminate issues caused by air mixing and hot spots.

One undisputable fact in all data centers is that you can’t manage what you can’t measure. In “Data center power management with HP Insight Control”, we describe the features that allow you to monitor and control the power consumption and thermal output of hundreds of systems using HP Insight Control
power management.

When your data center can’t keep pace with IT demand, the budget pressure to do more with less precludes the option to build a new facility or expand your existing facility. Therefore, it’s time to consider alternatives to the traditional brick-and-mortar data center. In ―HP Performance Optimized Datacenters (PODs)‖, we
describe our family of modular PODs that can help you do more with less—less capital, power, and footprint.

We develop HP power and cooling products and technologies around three strategies to help you manage the total costs of owning and operating a data center:

  • Consume less power by
    increasing the efficiency of IT, power distribution, and cooling
  • Fit more IT equipment into
    the available data center capacity by adjusting the power and cooling
    infrastructure for the real IT load.
  • Work smarter by measuring
    every watt and degree and automating energy management decisions wherever

HP Common Slot power supply technology – Technical white paper