On May 28th, StorageWorks introduced new and enhanced products and services.

» HP StorageWorks X1000 Network Storage Systems NEW
Delivers Windows-powered unified network storage that is easy to install, easy to manage, and easy to expand to your small, medium, or workgroup IT environment.

» HP StorageWorks X1800sb Network Storage Blade NEW
Enables flexible expansion of storage capacity. Use the X1800sb with the SB40c for internal file serving and shared storage. Or use as an affordable gateway to external FC, SAS, or iSCSI SAN.

» HP StorageWorks X3000 Network Storage Systems NEW
Adds clusterable and easy-to-manage file, iSCSI, and management services to mid-range and Enterprise array/SAN environments to create unified network storage solutions.

» HP StorageWorks X3800sb Network Storage Gateway Blade NEW
Flexible SAN gateway built for HP BladeSystem to consolidate file-serving access onto FC, SAS, or iSCSI storage, increasing efficiency of existing SAN infrastructure.

» HP StorageWorks 2000i G2 Modular Smart Array
Delivers an affordable, high-performance storage array solution for entry-level customers with 1 Gb iSCSI solutions matched with the newest Small and Large Form Factor SAS and SATA drives.

» HP StorageWorks 2000sa G2 Modular Smart Array
Brings the latest in efficient consolidated storage array technology to the entry-level segment with 4 Gb Fibre Channel, 1 GbE iSCSI, and 3 Gb SAS solutions matched with the newest SAS and SATA drives.

» HP StorageWorks X1000 Automated Storage Manager Software NEW
Create, migrate, manage, and protect file shares and network application storage like a pro. If you’re a storage expert, it’s a timesaver. If you’re not, it’s a life saver

Additional new and enhanced products and services included in this announcement are listed below.

Storage Software

» HP StorageWorks System Copy for SAP Software NEW
» HP StorageWorks Command View EVA Software
» HP PolyServe Software for Microsoft SQL Server
» HP SmartStart for EVA
» HP StorageWorks Storage Mirroring Software
» HP StorageWorks XP Performance Advisor Software

Disk Backup Systems

» HP StorageWorks D2D Backup Systems

Storage Networking 

» HP StorageWorks FCoE Converged Network Switch NEW
» Cisco Nexus 5000 Converged Network Switch NEW
» HP StorageWorks MPX200 Multifunction Router NEW
» HP StorageWorks PCIe 4Gb Host Bus Adapter NEW
» HP StorageWorks PCIe 8Gb Host Bus Adapter NEW

NAS systems

» HP StorageWorks 9100 Extreme Data Storage System

New Storage Solutions

» Storage Design Considerations when evaluating SAN and DAS for Exchange 2007 using the HP EVA4400 or HP MSA60 (pdf)