HPE (got to get used to this new Hewlett Packard Enterprise stuff…) released the latest version of it connector software between HP OneView and VMware vCenter.

I was waiting for this one because, since I upgraded to the latest version of OneView 2.0, some information was not appearing anymore inside my vCenter client. Seems to be solved now with this version 7.8 which clearly states in the Release Notes that it officially supports OneView 2.0… So for those impatient guys like me that update directly to the latest version without reading the Release Notes, maybe you should… 😉

HPE OneView for VMware vCenter 7.8 provides the following new capabilities:

Server Module

  • Supports VMware vSphere 6.0u1 and 5.5u3/5.5u3a
  • o Support for the latest release of HP OneView 2.0
  • Adds support for the following servers
  • Gen9 Servers: XL450, XL420, XL170r, XL190r, XL230a, XL250a
  • Gen8 server: SL250c

Storage Module

  • Enhanced cache refresh performance for large environments using HPE Storage
  • New Dashboard for HPE Hyper Converged products
  • MSA replication/snapshot support


Download the software bits here: 



In an upcoming post I will describe the entire installation, configuration and troubleshooting process.

Update time!


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