At least for 3,5 more years when I am writing this article…

HPE released the official customer notice with the EOL (End Of Life) announcement of the HPE StoreVirtual VSA software recently. The hardware versions of StoreVirtual P4000 and SV3200 were already EOL since some time.

The obsolescence date is set to 31 December 2019, meaning the last day you can purchase a license…
Second important date to remember is the EOSL (End Of Support Life) which is 3 years later: 31 December 2022.

After that, the VSA software will keep on being functional when you are using the perpetual licenses (so you don’t lose any data), however there is no support from HPE anymore.


HPE does not foresee a 1on1 replacement for the StoreVirtual VSA software, however there are some alternatives. I am assisting all my customers today with the migration towards HPE SimpliVity or Nimble solutions, depending on their needs…

I know Nimble is more a hardware solution and SimpliVity a hyper-converged all-in-one solution, however I see SimpliVity as the way to go, since there are a lot of similar features between the 2 solutions (minimum 2 nodes, 2 copies of data across the nodes in a cluster, stretched cluster options, etc). It does not replace entirely StoreVirtual VSA yet, however it has some other nice features like deduplication, compression and build-in data protection (restoring TB’s of data in a matter of minutes) that makes the solution very interesting to replace a StoreVirtual solution.

Hope HPE will make the SimpliVity solution even more flexible regarding deployment options. To be continued for sure. HPE can always contact me for my opinion on where SimpliVity should be going… 😉

The link to the customer notice can be found here.

Meanwhile I keep my StoreVirtual VSA based volume online in my home-lab, meanwhile more than 10 years with 100% uptime. So it is my personal challenge now to go for at least 13 years! All details on how I did it can be found here.

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