Insight Software 6.2 update2 has signed off and will be available from on Tuesday, March 8.

Insight Software 6.2 update2 is a collection of updates intended to be applied after installing Insight Software 6.2 or 6.2u1. The ISO contains an integrated installer that detects the installed Insight Software components and applies the appropriate updates from both 62u1 and 62u2. For more information on the issues addressed in each update, refer to the Release Notes located on the ISO.

HP Insight Software update2 contains:
IS Update Installer 6.2.2
HP SIM v6.2 hotfixes (update1)
Insight Control virtual machine management v6.2.1 (update1)
Insight Control server deployment v6.2.1 (update1)
VCRM 6.2.1 (update2)
SMH 6.2.3 (update1 + update2)
VCEM v6.2.2 (update1 + update2)
Insight Dynamics v6.2.2 (update1 + update2)

The Insight Support Matrix is also scheduled to be updated on Tuesday March 8 to add support for 3PAR (for Insight Dynamics) and SQL Server 2008 R2 (Std/Ent/Expr).

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