An UPDATE to the white paper HP Data Protector A.06.11 Support for VMware vStorage has been published. This DP 6.11 white paper was originally published in October 2010, and today it is in its fourth revision, March 2011. You can download the white paper from the usual DP white paper portal, or alternatively use the file attached to this forum post.

Data Protector Learning Products Team has authored/updated the white paper!

This white paper describes the Data Protector VMware vStorage integration, which enables you to back up and restore VMware virtual machines using the VMware vStorage technology.

Among others, the current version 4 of the white paper describes in detail about the new VE Agent patch DPWIN_00494 (formally known as VEPA) that replaces its predecessor DPWIN_00490. The white paper details patch interdependencies of all VE Agent (VEPA) patches. Moreover, it highlights the simplified installation procedure, which conforms to regular DP patch installation procedure.

In general, to access any published Data Protector white paper, go to, find Storage and click Storage Software, click appropriate DP version under Storage Data Protection and Recovery Software, click White Papers to see the white paper listing.