At HP Discover in Las Vegas there was not only the announcement of the 3PAR 20000 hardware based on the Gen5 ASIC, there were also quite some software announcements on the 3PAR platform as well.

An overview below:

Persistent Checksum

With Persistent Checksum, HP can now deliver end-to-end data protection based on industry standards based on T10 DIF (Data Integrity Field)

This solution is completely agentless and application agnostic and will be supported on all 3PAR series based on the Gen5 ASIC, so initially only the new 20000 series.


Async Streaming replication

With Remote Copy Async Streaming we can obtain RPO’s of seconds (instead of minutes or more with Async Perdiodic). See my other article on this topic for more information.

RM Central 1.1

Recovery Manager Central integrates 3PAR StoreServ with StoreOnce Backup systems. It provides a flat backup service for 3PAR/VMware environments that augments traditional backup approaches. Combining the performance of snapshots with the protection of backups, StoreOnce RMC for VMware enables fast, efficient, reliable, and simple “one click” protection for VMware virtual machine disks (VMDKs) and data stores.


What’s new in 1.1:

  • Rapid online recovery – allows VMware administrators to create hundreds of non-disruptive, application consistent virtual machine (VM) snapshots (local and/or remote) and initiate rapid online recovery.
  • 17 x faster backup and 5 x faster restore of snapshot data with flat backup RMC’s Express Protect feature enables the flat backup of VM snapshot data from HP 3PAR to StoreOnce, independent of backup server software. Every multi-stream VM backup completes at the speed of an incremental, but is stored as a synthetic full backup, which makes VM recovery faster and more efficient.
  • Less cost and complexity with flat backup – RMC’s Express Protect flat backup feature streamlines and simplifies the backup architecture required for protecting and recovering VMs in VMware environments. All backups are deduplicated using StoreOnce technology, thus reducing backup storage requirements by up to 20x on average.
  • Application managed data protection: VMware administrators can monitor and manage snapshots, backup, and recovery directly and seamlessly from within HP OneView for VMware vCenter.
  • Reduce risk exposure: VM backups stored on HP StoreOnce are self-contained, fully independent volumes. These can be restored back to the original or a different HP 3PAR array in the event of a disaster or physical problems with the production storage environment. This level of data protection cannot be achieved with snapshots alone.


Peer Persistence for Oracle RAC stretch-cluster on Linux

Peer Persistence allows you to create a stretched-cluster environment across 2 sites (metropolitan distances) on 3PAR array level. After the already available Peer Persistence technology for VMware (no need for VMware SRM Site Recovery Manager, automatic failover in case of storage array failure build-in into 3PAR) and Hyper-V, now there is also Peer Persistence available for Oracle RAC on Linux. The version of Linux supported will be initially RHEL 6.


Storage Federation

Storage Federation means that multiple 3PAR arrays can be connected with each other in a federation which allows you to move data online across these arrays without downtime.

The picture below shows 4 20000 models (I want this!), let it be clear that this will be possible with all 3PAR 7000, 10000 and 20000 models.


This is a possible scenario that is possible with 3PAR Storage Federation:

– Run most of the dev and test on their most cost effective platform – a 2 node 7200c

– For the production workloads where you want to optimize cost – go with a 4 node 7400

– For the production workloads where you want to optimize performance – go enterprise flash with a 20800

– And finally, where you need application acceleration for your development or production workloads – go with a 20850.

Important to know is that this functionality is build-in into the 3PAR platform, and not a separate device in the data path like EMC VPLEX.

To give you an idea of what this means in the picture above with 4 20000 arrays. You will get 60PB of capacity with close to 13 Million IOPS on there. Impressive numbers.


Online Import for HDS and EMC VNX2

Besides the already available Online Import for HP EVA, EMC VMAX, VNX gen1 and Clarion CX4, now there is also support for EMC VNX2 and HDS Tagmastore, USP and VSP platforms. This allows a simple 5-click migration of data from these 3rd-party platforms towards HP 3PAR.


The 3PAR OS 3.2.2 update is planned to be available later this year, probably in the September time frame. Check out the HP Support website or follow my twitter feed for more updates.


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