June is typically the month where HPE Discover is organised in Las Vegas. And this is also the place to be to get all the information on all the announcements made by the HPE teams with new hardware and software features.

Due to Covid-19 however, HPE Discover goes virtual, but the HPE Storage announcements are still there! Even quite a lot of them!

Let’s take a look at all the exciting news, combined in these 4 categories:


More Intelligence

HPE Primera is architected with a powerful embedded AI engine that processes advanced machine learning models within the system. It predicts application performance and required system resources so it will intelligently and dynamically optimize resource utilization and so can self-optimize system operations in real time.

With two machine learning models running in concert inside HPE Primera, a machine learning neural network model that HPE trained from the global installed base in combination with LSTM (long short-term memory) model based on the local environment, which together predicts application performance and resources needed. This gives a real-time visibility into resource availability for application workloads and storage system operations. This is the next step into the self-healing, self-optimizing and workload shaping vision for storage at HPE.

Cross-stack analytics is a popular feature of HPE InfoSight. Until now it was available only for VMware in combination with vCenter. Now HPE InfoSight also supports Microsoft Hyper-V to deliver full visibility and diagnostics into virtual resources.


More Disaster Recovery

Various replication mechanisms were already available for HPE Primera like synchronous replication being added recently with Primera OS 4.2, today HPE adds 2 new methods of replicating data across multiple systems for HA and DR SLA requirements. Near-instant async replication for RPO’s of seconds over extended links and HPE Peer Persistence & asynchronous replication to a third system are possible now as well, thanks to the all-inclusive licensing model of HPE Primera.

Extended replication is also added to the HPE Nimble platform with built-in three site asynchronous replication. The third site can be either an on-premises location or via cloud with HPE Cloud Volumes.


More Performance

To accelerate even more your applications, HPE announced the Primera All-NVMe system. The solution gives 500TB in All-NVMe storage. Initial testing with SAP HANA instances has shown twice the density SAP HANA nodes at half the price.


Also, HPE Nimble gets a power boost now that SCM (Storage Class Memory) goes mainstream.

At launch 2 AF models (AF60 and AF80) will support these SCM modules in each controller. The result is a < 250usec average latency using PCIe NVMe 3D XPoint 1.5TB drives, and 2x faster response times in general.

The code running on these systems is exactly the same, and technically seen this All-flash system is turning into a Hybrid model, where the onboard SSD’s act as capacity tier and the SCM modules are acting is caching layer, just like in the HF models.


More automation

HPE is #1 in the industry with more vVols deployed on HPE Storage than any other vendor. HPE now adds vVols and SRM integration for HPE Primera and HPE Nimble Storage.

For container-ready storage automation for stateful apps, HPE added the HPE CSI driver for HPE Primera, together with the recent updates to the Nimble’s CSI Driver. This results in software-defined storage and self-service for developers so you can run traditional and containerized applications on the same environment.


More information can be found in the blog post and Chalktalk videos from HPE storage guru Calvin Zito, and can be found here:



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