Starting September 28, 2018, the HPE Remote Support solution must move to new security certificates issued by DigiCert. These certificates are required to ensure your secure communication with HPE Remote Support Data Centers.

New certificates are available through recent software and firmware updates.

If you are running any of the following HPE Remote Support client versions, you may require an urgent upgrade as early as September 28, 2018. Review the Remote Support Certificate Update Guide for additional information on how to upgrade to supported versions and maintain your HPE remote support connectivity.

HPE Insight Remote Support
– Insight RS versions prior to 7.9 require action

HPE OneView Remote Support
– OneView Remote Support versions prior to 4.00.09 require action

HPE iLO Direct Connect
– iLO 5 versions prior to version 1.30 require action iLO 4 versions prior to 2.60 require action

HPE Onboard Administrator Direct Connect
– OA versions prior to 4.8.0 require action

Review the Remote Support Certificate Update Guide for instructions on updating to version that include these certificates. Act today to ensure you maintain your HPE remote support connectivity.

Update time server teams!