HPE has released 3 new SimpliVity models to grow its HCI portfolio to give more flexibility when sizing a hyper-converged environment.


SimpliVity 380 G

The SimpliVity 380 Gen10 G models does not have a hardware accelerator card unlike the regular 380 model. Initially there were 2 models on the market with 4 and 6 SSD’s. Now there are a total of four different storage sizes available with the newly announced models with a 12 and 16 drive configuration.

All four sizes of the SimpliVity 380 Gen10 G model support both Intel® Skylake® and Cascade Lake® CPUs (at the time of publication). All SimpliVity 380G models offer additional PCIe slot availability for GPUs, NICs, etc. compared to the hardware accelerated SimpliVity 380 Gen10 model.

Like the 6 and 8 drive configurations the new models also feature a Tier 1 and Tier 2 configuration on the SSD’s with a ratio of 20%/80% of RAID10 versus RAID5.


SimpliVity 380 H (SFF)

HPE added also a new 380 H model to the portfolio. The initial model had 4 SSD’s and 8 LFF 4.0 TB HDD drives, the newly added model is now equipped with 4 SSD’s and 20 SFF 1.2TB HDD drives.

Despite the higher drive count the total capacity is a bit lower compared to the model with the LFF drives. The reasoning is simple: the model with the LFF drives was positioned as archive and data protection node for DR purposes (because of the 7.2K rpm drives). The new model however is equipped with 10K rpm drives delivering higher IOPS which makes it possible to position it as well to run general purpose virtualization workloads… This is also made possible with the higher ratio of % SSD to the total capacity in the SFF model


Portfolio overview

These 3 new models give the following overview of models available today in the portfolio of HPE SimpliVity:


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