Last week at CommvaultGo in Denver (CO) Commvault introduced their new SaaS offering for data protection called Metallic.

Metallic is a new venture from Commvault that brings the power of Commvault software with a simple Software as a Service business model.

3 Types of data protection will be available depending on the type of data you want to protect:

  • Metallic Core Backup & Recovery (VM, file server & SQL)
  • Metallic Office 365 Backup & Recovery (SharePoint, Exchange, OneDrive)
  • Metallic Endpoint Backup & Recovery (Laptop & desktop)

At launch the most common mid-market use cases will be targeted, initially US only, and is led through channel sales.

As the picture shows above flexibility is key in the solution. Whether you run on-premises or in a public cloud, you have the possibility to protect your data on-premises or in a public cloud.

We have seen a demo from Metallic which have shown that it is possible to set up the entire solution in less than 15 minutes in 7 easy steps. The cool thing about a SaaS offering is that all maintenance and updates will be covered by the Metallic (Commvault) team, which gives you an hassle-free experience.

Pricing is simple: per TB for core backup (starting at 200$) and per user for Office 365 (4$ per user) and endpoint backup (9,25$ per user).

The entire video with all details from the announcement by David Ngo from Commvault can be replayed here:

My take:

I see a lot of opportunities with this product, so please make it ASAP available in the other regions outside the US… This is the only not-positive feedback I have heard at the event from peers btw.

And the fact that you still have the flexibility of choosing your own cloud storage, Commvault’s cloud storage or even on-premises storage makes this a very flexible solution for a very attractive price.

Definitely going to evaluate the Trial offering as soon as it is available in Europe.


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